• Patrick Wiabel

Cause why not?

It's been a marvelous stay in Punta Arenas, Chile! I've spent my days exploring this historic town. I've spent my nights staring at stars I've never seen before and getting to know some amazing fellow travelers that I'm sure I'll run into sometime down the line. While waiting here for some old friends to finish their Torres Del Paine trek I decided to see a little more of the land I've been so blessed to visit. The mirador that I found myself standing atop inspired another thing other than pure joy. It inspired an early first international hide of a Mudman. Sadly I need to find a workspace cafe with a computer to use before posting on the Active Hunts page. But I'll be sure to update the Instagram and Facebook as soon as possible with this brand new hunt for all you seekers. But just a little sneak peak for you. Here's the view from above that inspired this hide. Keep posted more awesomeness is on the way!

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