• Patrick Wiabel

No Paine No Gain

Finally sitting down after 6 days 7 nights and 74 miles of trail. Legs are sore and my face and lips still chapped and dry! Finished up the O Circuit of Torres Del Paine! It was brutally windy, yet epic and amazing! Gusts of 75 mile per hour winds ripped through the glacier carved valleys almost completely destroying my tent at Los Perros and Lago Grey refugios. The wind blew a 30 foot tree down and it landed right next to my tent literally partially left under my rain fly. The next day was 20kms to Grey Lake over the John Gardner Pass which I had to battle those same winds and whipping snow all the way to the mirador looking over the giant Glacier Grey. But I survived and managed to place a Mudman in between two of the refugios on the O. If you want this one (which I promise you do because the experience of getting there is all worth the adventure) you better prepare yourself for a true test of endurance. This is no trek for the faint of heart. You must trust in yourself to be able to withstand the wind, weather, and non stop trains of "W" dayhikers. I met more incredible people on this hike from all over the world from Wales, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and even some from Seattle, Washington. We laughed, we sighed in exhaustion, and celebrated at the end. One of my favorite parts of exploring the world are these interactions. Coming together with strangers from different worlds and mutually overcoming the obstacles put in front of us. So many more adventures to come. As I am now in El Calafate, Argentina! Heading to the trekking capitol of Argentina in El Chalten tomorrow to see and hike around one of the most beautiful mountains called Fitz Roy! To see more from the trek at Torred check out the Instagram and Facebook Page! Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there! Empanadas for my feast this year! Have some Turkey for me! Salute y ciao!


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