• Patrick Wiabel

Paramount experience

All finished up in El Chalten headed off to do some much anticipated fishing for the next two days around Lago Dek Desierto just south of the Chilean border. Was ppl planning on being in El Chalten longer but I had the best day you can ever get hiking around Fitz Roy. I climbed as high as I could up Cerro Madsen which is just adjacent to Fitz Roy and the left half of the mountains that funnel the Piedras Blancas Glacier to its falling point. I could not have asked for clearer skies or calmer winds from Patagonia. Leading up to this it feels as if I have had nothing but wind and cold rain everyday. But things are changing. Heading back into Chile tomorrow for one last hurrah for a week. Until my plans that have changed a bit may bring me into Bolivia. I cannot wait for more experiences to come. The people I meet have given me inspiration once again to see the best in my short time left in South America. The knowledge of the Mudman hunt spreads and I couldn't be more excited to tell more/hike more/hide more. Literally broke my boots yesterday to hide this beauty!

Luckily black Friday sales were still going on Saturday so I could get a new pair at a reasonable price. Enjoy the view? It's a lot better in real life. Get out there!


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