• Patrick Wiabel


Well hunters it has begun. Tomorrow I head off to San Fransisco, CA where I catch my flight out of the USA to Punta Arenas, Chile! It's going to be an incredible journey. Come and join me for it!

The feelings I am having are resounding, vibrating within my body. As time gets closer to that departure I have no fears, but instead a sense of anxiousness to see what futures bring. Said the goodbyes and the see ya laters. Kissed my mother upon her cheek and hugged her tight to try and sooth her worries. When thinking of what brought me here I have no doubts of the truth in those thoughts. I am here for a reason. A reason that pulls me away from familiar comforts and to those unknown or under-understood cultures of Bourdainesque love. The thrill is enticing the adventure inviting. Take me away world and let me see what you are made of.


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