• Patrick Wiabel

The End of the World

36 hours of travel time...

But I made it!!

So far from the familiar after 36 hours of travel to reach my destination. Punta Arenas is the starting point of many Patagonian adventures. Not unlike my own. I have stepped off the plane into a new world. One of which I could have been better prepared. For my small amount of Spanish has helped only in small ways. Although, those I speak to do not seem to mind, for here in this port city...they deal with it all the time. I speak with a smile and they respond with one as well. The start of this adventure has me feeling relieved and relaxed with the unknowing of what comes next.

4 more days here before moving north to begin my first trek. All 20 mudmen made it with 2 having broken arms by the time I arrived. Not bad for 5 plane transfers. Once I arrived I felt I didn't need to grab a taxi. Not knowing it was 25 KM to el Centro. Luckily a shuttle bus had stopped for me. Refusing to accept any money from me he dropped me off right in front of my hostel. Already the good graces of Chile have shined upon me. Gracias Bernardo!

Food recommendations:

The Beagle - little pricey, but delicious. Great and popular dinner spot. But most that were there were tourists. I shall look for a great local spot today.

Kallfu Cafe- Great prices and delicious food and coffee. Probably the best vanilla latte I've ever had. And the Mina Rio Turbio sandwich??? Wowwwww!!! Delicioso!!


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