• Patrick Wiabel

The Internet of things

After a few weeks have passed my love for this adventure has done nothing but grow. I've hiked, trekked, fished, feasted,and befriended. I've groaned, laughed, sighed, and screamed for joy and echoes. And finally after all this time I've been able to share some of this adventure on the Instagram and Facebook page. Still haven't been able to upload the photos on this sight. But thanks to a friend in Santiago who has had the best wifi in weeks you can find the newest published hunt on the Instagram page. So if you are looking for an adventure this is one that will truly blow you away. I know it did for me. In Santiago now! Heading to Valparaisoto drink some amazing wine and see the coast of west central Chile. Then headed up north to the Atacama for what I'm sure will be another amazing experience. Happy hunting! Stay safe out there!



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